The effort of school quality improvement through the autonomy of educational unit


Diversified school environment conditions and student needs in instructional processes alongside with the complexity in Indonesia geographical condition quite often cannot easily be concluded completely in one piece by the central beaurocracy in a comprehensive way. It stimulates the deliverance of school based quality management improvement. This type of alternative management empowers independency to school to initiate its self-governing capacity to manage its own activities in the framework of educational quality improvement, while consistently aligned to national policies. Some of the strategies applied at schools comprise self-evaluation to scrutinize the school strengths and weaknesses. On the basis of the evaluation, school alongside with parents and community settle on school vision and mission education quality improvement or to put together the expected education quality to further developing the school program planning which includes school financing by refering to the scale of priorities and national policies in corresponding to scholl condition and its human resources capacity. The consequences of the program implementation should imply highly committed engagement among diversified parties, i.e., parents/community, teachers, principals, pupils and other staffs on one hand, and government (MONE) on the other hand, as the equal partner to attain the objective of quality improvement.


School Based Managemeny (SBM), school based quality management improvement concept, self-evaluation.


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